Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saying My Goodbye

January 23, 2010 I will embark on a very strange journey: my journey home. I have known this was coming for quite a while, though it never seemed appropriate to blog about until now. I have been in-country 18 wonderful months living with people and dealing with experiences that have changed my life. I have told people here, going to another country for any length of time, not knowing anyone, not knowing what one will be doing is a frightening thing, and I am not strong for surviving. My community is what kept my head above water. I have to shed my American lens of do-it-yourself and realize that it was community, host family and host agency that continued to inspire me, the work I did and the relationships I formed. 
Below is a blog entry from one of my students:
Today, in the 8th day of December 2009, Sir Sean Stanhill just told us about a really shocking news that is maybe good or bad for others. He will be leaving Philippines maybe on the 22nd day of January 2010. It is really a bad news for us because he contributed many techniques to our I.C.T lab. that made our school more popular. char! hehe. But what if God has a plan for him back to the States. We don't know! Only God can know. But we will really miss him. Not for locking our computers sometimes but for the lessons he taught us that we will treasure forever!
I will continue to blog upon my arrival in Phoenix on homecoming and reverse culture-shock reflections. However, it is with a heavy heart and a light finger that I press "publish post" for the last time in the Philippines.


  1. Sean,

    It's obvious how difficult this transition is and will be for you. Just know that so many of us are thinking about you and are very proud of everything you've done and accomplished during your time in the Philippines. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to follow your blog and read about your experiences. The last time I saw you, we were still in high school and so very naive about life and the world. You are a completely different man now, and it's been nice to read about who you've become.

    Safe travels home, those of us stateside hope to see you in the near future. Take care of yourself!


  2. Dear Boy,

    I hope that you can feel as complete as possible leaving one home for another. I want to hear in person what I have only read about the past year and a half. Do you have a set calender for the states yet? Cheers Sean and safe returns.



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